5 Key SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Website


5 Key SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Website

Do you want your WordPress website to be seen by as many people as possible? Here are 5 key SEO solutions to help drive traffic.

Organic clicks to your WordPress website from search engines are a major source of traffic. But which SEO solutions should you be using to ensure people are finding your work?

Chances are high that your website promotes something important- your business, a personal brand, or a portfolio, for example. It would be a real shame if you spent hours building and customizing a beautiful website only to have no one ever peruse through your stuff.

SEO Solutions

With the right SEO tools and strategy, you can ensure this won’t happen to you. You’ll generate more traffic and be rewarded by search engines for your willingness to play their games.

The further down the SEO wormhole that you go, the more you realize just how much goes into the placement of pages on search engine results. People are studying their websites, their competition, and the World Wide Web looking for advantages for their brand.

In this article, you’ll find 5 SEO solutions for your WordPress Website that will help get new people find your work:

#1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is probably the mother of all search engine optimization plugins for your WordPress website. With 5 million+ active users, it clearly works and is very popular for bloggers and business owners across the world.

YOAST is great because it integrates seamlessly with each WordPress post and page. It’s page analysis tool searches for things like:

  • Length of the post/page
  • Meta descriptions
  • Whether your images alt tag matches the focus keyword for the page

At the bottom of each page/post, it gives you real-time feedback on what you must do to ensure the page will rank high. For most bloggers, it’s about the most useful tool out there.

The plugin will actually teach you to be a better blogger, as it will ensure that your titles, images, and other align and that search engines will be happy with the content you’re creating!

#2. AuthoritySpy

Want to learn more about people in your specific niche? AuthoritySpy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This nifty tool will find influencers and authority blogs in your WordPress website’s niche in a matter of seconds. You’ll be able to see what people are searching for

There’s no sense reinventing the wheel if all the information for making your website an authority is right in front of you. This SEO solution can save you hundreds of hours of research, trial and error, and banging your head against the wall. It will cost you, however, as the basic 1-time payment is $27 to use it.

If you’re curious, here is a demo of how AuthoritySpy works.

#3. LinkPatrol

LinkPatrol will help you find, fix and get control of the links on your website.

Generally speaking, it’s a great thing to link to other pages in terms of the SEO that comes with it. But when you link to things that are low quality or outdated, your website is paired with the website you’ve linked to.

LinkPatrol ensures that all links on your website are free of spam and monitors all new posts to give you feedback along the way.

For a single webpage, LinkPatrol costs a 1-time fee of $50. There may be other options out there that don’t cost you anything, but LinkPatrol is sure to be the most comprehensive of the bunch.

#4. SEMRush

Gathering analytics for your website goes a long way in making sure you are maximizing the potential of your WordPress website. SEMRush is an SEO solution that helps gain insights from your competitor’s to improve your own search engine rankings.

A beginner to SEO might think that their website is all set once they’ve optimized a blog post, but analytics tell another story. SEMRush gives you information beyond the on-page SEO, generating organic keywords that rank, finding backlinks, and looking into your competitor’s strategies.

One SEMRush user boasts, “I love the ability to track keywords vs competitors in specific areas of the country. I work for several urgent care centers in the Philadelphia area and it is great to be able to see how things are going in specific towns, rather than a more worldly or regional view. I am on their several times a day doing keyword and competitor research.”

While it will generate a wealth of information, it’s another of the SEO solutions that will cost you. It’s a bit pricier than the others on this list, coming in at $99/month. This tool might be more applicable once your business or brand truly starts making money.

#5. Google Keyword Planner

Let’s be honest for a second- it’s probably going to benefit you to at least consider a tool that Google made. They built the house you’re trying to rank in, and they also have many tools available to ensure that you’re doing the best you can in their search engine.

Enter Google Keyword Planner. It’s a tool for website owners and advertisers that will help you build a more expansive search network to help people find your work.

The tool’s main focus is on helping people to match the proper Google AdWords to their search campaign. However, it’s free and provides services that help you choose the right keywords (by listing volume of searches, number of results, and difficulty level)

Wrap Up

The further down the SEO wormhole you go, the more you realize how much goes into the ranking of pages on search engines. You have control over much of that process, but it takes the right combination of understanding and SEO solutions to ensure that your website is optimized.

Tools like Yoast SEO will give you a one-stop solution for optimizing the pages and posts on your website. But you may want to consider more, as apps like SEMRush, AuthoritySpy, and LinkPatrol continue to monitor your website after you’ve posted.

Free or paid, comprehensive or simple, it’s a matter of having the right strategy and finding what works for your website.

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