Synonyms Feature for On-site Search

The synonyms feature in the Blaze Commerce platform enhances on-site search by allowing you to define search terms that should be considered equivalent. For example, when you define a synonym for “sneaker” as “shoe,” searching for “sneaker” will now return all records with the word “shoe” in them, in addition to records with the word “sneaker.”

Access Synonyms

Supported Synonym Types

Blaze Commerce supports two types of synonyms for on-site search:

1. One-way Synonyms

One-way synonyms allow you to map a set of terms to a single target term. This means that searches for the target term will return documents containing any of the mapped terms.

Defining “iphone” and “android” as one-way synonyms for “smart phone” will cause searches for “smart phone” to return documents containing “iphone,” “android,” or both.

2. Multi-way Synonyms

Multi-way synonyms create a bidirectional relationship among a set of terms. This means that searches for any term in the set will return documents containing any of the other terms in the set.

Defining “blazer,” “coat,” and “jacket” as multi-way synonyms will cause searches for any one of those words (e.g., “coat”) to return documents containing at least one of the words in the synonym set (e.g., records with “blazer,” “coat,” or “jacket” are returned).

How to Define Synonyms

To define synonyms for your on-site search in Blaze Commerce, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Synonyms Configuration:
    You can access the Blaze Commerce admin panel by logging into your WordPress dashboard, navigating to Blaze Commerce in the left admin menu, and then going to the Synonyms tab.
  2. Add Synonyms:
  • Select the Type:
    Choose between “One-way” and “Multi-way” synonyms based on your requirement.
  • Enter the Words:
    In the input field, list the words you want to define as synonyms, separated by commas.

Example Configuration:

  • Multi-way Synonyms:
  broom, brush, sweeper, besom, whisk, hairbrush

This configuration ensures that a search for any of these words will return results containing any of the listed terms.

  • Multi-way Synonyms:
  bin, crate, box, can, drum

This configuration ensures that a search for any of these words will return results containing any of the listed terms.

  1. Save Changes:
    Click on the “Save Changes” button to apply your synonym definitions.

Practical Use Cases

  • E-commerce: Enhance product search results by mapping various product names and terms (e.g., “sneaker” to “shoe”), improving the shopping experience.
  • Content Management: Boost content discoverability by associating synonyms (e.g., “article” to “post” and “blog”), making it easier for users to find relevant information.

By utilizing the synonyms feature, Blaze Commerce significantly enhances the on-site search functionality, ensuring users find the content they’re looking for more efficiently.