Cross-Sell and Upsell

Our platform is designed to make taking WooCommerce headless a breeze, providing unparalleled speed and a seamless user experience. In our continuous effort to enhance BlazeCommerce, we’ve added robust support for popular WooCommerce plugins and features.

This video covers the Cross-Sell and Upsell features, which are now seamlessly integrated into BlazeCommerce. These features are essential for boosting your e-commerce performance by encouraging customers to explore and purchase complementary and higher-value products directly from the product page.

Key Highlights:

  • Cross-Sell: Display complementary products on the product page to encourage additional purchases.
  • Upsell: Promote higher-value related products to potentially increase the order value.
  • Automatic Support: BlazeCommerce automatically supports both Cross-Sell and Up-Sell features out of the box.

Watch the video to see these features in action and learn how they can enhance your WooCommerce store’s performance. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with BlazeCommerce. We’d love to hear from you!