Typesense Search for WordPress & WooCommerce

What is Typesense? And Why Should You integrate it into Your WordPress or WooCommerce Website?

Typesense is an open-source enterprise-level search engine that can perform lightning-fast full-text searches. Typesense is highly scalable and provides faceted search and the possibility of handling rich documents. If your WordPress site deals with large volumes of data, or you have a WooCommerce store with tens or hundreds of thousands of products, and you need to provide visitors with instant search results, Typesense is just what you need!

Typesense is a fundamental component of the Blaze Commerce Headless WooCommerce platform.

Key features of Typesense for WooCommerce and WordPress:

  • Lightning Fast Search
  • Product and Category Search
  • Full-text Search
  • Auto-complete Suggestions
  • Customise Search
  • Add Relevancy or weight to search parameters
  • Spelling suggestions and ‘Did you mean…’ suggestions
  • Result sorting

How Blaze Commerce can help:

  • Typesense installation and configuration
  • Plugin installation, integration and set-up.
  • Index and Facet configuration
  • Search results customisation
  • Custom WooCommerce and WordPress development around Typesense

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