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Headless Commerce is the Future of eCommerce,
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Welcome to Blaze Commerce Headless WooCommerce Features – the revolutionary platform tailored for WooCommerce store owners, developers, and agencies

Boost your store’s performance, achieve faster load times, and enhance user experiences, all while leveraging our extensive WooCommerce knowledge and cutting-edge technology stack.

Blaze Commerce empowers developers and digital agencies to build feature-rich, fast-loading stores while seamlessly integrating popular WooCommerce plugins to deliver exceptional commerce experiences for their clients.

Discover the headless commerce platform trusted by WooCommerce store owners and professionals and watch your online store soar to new heights with Blaze Commerce.

Speed Up WooCommerce


Dramatically Faster Load Times

Boost customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates by providing ultra-fast page loading times, crucial for a seamless user experience. Learn more.


Instant Search & Filtering

Provide seamless browsing experiences with real-time search and filtering capabilities, leading to higher sales conversions and improved customer satisfaction.


Boost SEO

Improved Core Web Vitals and page speed results in better search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to your WooCommerce store. Learn more.

Optimized User Experience (UX)


Mobile-First Design & Accessibility

Reach a broader audience with mobile-optimized design and accessibility features, ensuring seamless user experience on all devices and improving customer satisfaction.


Research-Backed UX

Integrated UX improvements based on extensive research and best practices create a customer-centric shopping experience, leading to better customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Learn more.



Enhance your e-commerce store’s conversion rates by delivering an optimized user experience, leading to lower cart abandonment and higher sales. Learn more.

Built for WooCommerce



With a decade dedicated to building, supporting, and maintaining hundreds of WooCommerce stores, we’ve leveraged our vast experience and knowledge into Blaze Commerce.


WordPress WooCommerce Compatibility

Seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce and popular plugins like Aelia Currency Switcher,, Klaviyo, Brands, WPGraphQL, and ACF, Yoast SEO and more. Learn more.


Proven Implementation Success

Gourmet Basket’s journey with Blaze Commerce resulted in instant page loads and a 30% year-on-year revenue boost, demonstrating our effectiveness in transforming WooCommerce stores. Learn more.

Performance-Driven Architecture


React &

React & Next.js offer improved performance, SEO optimization, and hybrid rendering for instant page loads and enhanced user experiences. Learn more.


Tailwind, TypeScript & more

Tailwind and TypeScript are just part of its technology stack, improving performance, flexibility, and code quality for an enhanced platform experience. See the tech stack.



Typesense delivers blazing-fast search experiences, faceted navigation, and advanced filtering options, enhancing user interactions. Learn more.

The Blaze Commerce Way:


Install the Blaze Commerce plugin, along with a few other plugins, on your WooCommerce store


Configure fonts, colors, logo, options and features to customise Blaze Commerce to your needs.


Deploy your new headless WooCommerce store and start experiencing increased conversions and AOV.

Maximize Your Investment


Leverage your Investment

Build on your investment in WooCommerce by extending it further with a complete all-in-one headless WooCommerce platform.



Experience up to 60% reduction in development time and save up to 80% in project costs by adopting Blaze Commerce for taking WooCommerce Headless.


Rapid Development & Time Savings

By utilizing frameworks like Next.js and tools such as TypeScript, Blaze Commerce significantly accelerates the development process, enabling faster time-to-market.

Headless WooCommerce Support


Expert Support & Community

Blaze Commerce offers expert support, personalized customer assistance, and a collaborative community that shares knowledge and experiences, ensuring a smooth and successful user journey.



Embrace flexibility and customization provided by Blaze Commerce’s open-source platform, allowing you to adapt the headless solution to unique needs while benefiting from ongoing innovation.


Quality Assurance & Best Practices

We ensure quality through built-in QA processes and adherence to best practices, leading to decreased defect rates. Experience a seamless, reliable, and highly-optimized platform.

BlazeComplete – Headless WooCommerce Done for You


Time and Cost Savings

Our “Done for You” service reduces project costs by up to 80% and streamlines the development process, allowing you to focus on your business. Learn more.


Expert Guidance & Support

We provide personalized customer support, continuous collaboration throughout the project, and education and training to help you get the most out of the headless WooCommerce platform. Learn more.


Guaranteed Results

With a meticulous approach to design, integration, testing, and optimization, we guarantee improved performance, superior user experience, and increased conversion rates. Learn more.