WooCommerce Development & Support

We build and support WooCommerce online stores powered by WordPress. Work with us, and nothing gets left to chance.

We know what we’re good at – building and supporting WooCommerce online stores powered by WordPress. That’s what we do and all we do. We take pride in our work and it shows in the results we deliver to our customers.At the core of everything we do is our Blaze Commerce Formula for Online Stores that Sell – this formula has been developed over the years, regularly reviewed, updated and refined to incorporate the latest trends. Every service we offer to customers stems from our Master Formula.

WooCommerce Integration

What competitive advantages to the world’s biggest online stores have in common? Some will say giant marketing budgets, purchasing power, and a talented team – but we believe integration with backend systems lies at the top of that list. Integrate your WooCommerce store with inventory, fulfillment, shipping, accounting, ERP, CRM and more to realize the best cost savings and efficiency. Blaze Commerce is integrated with online and offline business apps to deliver unmatched benefits and savings to our clients.

WooCommerce Design

Is your homepage due for a facelift? Maybe you need a full-site makeover – whatever the case may be, we are here to help. Our design team is mobile-focused, meaning they take on every task with the mobile user in mind. Mobile is the fastest growing market segment with the greatest potential, it’s also the most challenging. The design team at Blaze Commerce is committed to following industry trends and best practices. Work with our design team and have confidence knowing you will be getting fresh, modern, on-trend results. Already have a design team you’d like to work with? That’s fine with us, we’ll be glad to work with them too!

WooCommerce Development

Two-thirds of the Blaze Commerce team are WooCommerce developers . We have front-end ‘devs’, back-end ‘devs’, QA ‘devs’ and everything in between. We’re experts at customizing existing themes and plugins to meet your unique needs, as well as creating new solutions from scratch. We follow an agile methodology, which suits our business and customer base perfectly. With decades of experience under our belts, we guarantee a rapid, high-quality development process for all our clients.

WooCommerce and WordPress Optimisation

Small changes can make a huge impact – a increase in conversions can translate to millions of dollars in extra revenue for your business. We know about all the areas in a WooCommerce store that can be optimized to increase revenue, starting with simple page load speeds and ending with marketing. Certain optimizations will only work with some WooCommerce stores and others can be counterintuitive. We use our experience and expertise to create an optimization recommendation that’s best for you. These recommendations often lead to many small and sometimes huge improvements across your online store, which will translate to huge improvements for your bottom line.

WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance

Many site owners overlook ongoing maintenance for their WooCommerce store until it’s too late. Exposures to WordPress, WooCommerce and the infinite plugin ecosystem makes your site vulnerable to data and hacking breaches. Backup and disaster recovery plans are imperative and should be monitored and tested on a regular basis. Certain tasks and procedures like these are essential to having a healthy online store with ongoing operations. The team at Blaze Commerce schedules maintenance for all our clients and always ensures the correct procedures are in place, mitigating risks and maximising uptime.

WooCommerce Performance Hosting

Most Blaze Commerce clients host with us. Not because we force them to – we’re happy to work with you regardless of where you host your site – but because our Managed WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce , making it Blazing Fast. We use a combination of page/memory caching, CDN leverage, high-performance web servers, SSL and SSD storage to provide our clients with low latency and instant page loads.

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New WooCommerce Site Builds

Occasionally a client will need us to build them a completely new site. Our team has years of experience that spans hundreds of products – we’ve built so many new online stores that we have a ‘blueprint’ that we follow with all new sites. This blueprint for new sites is based on our Blaze Commerce Formula for Online Stores that Sell . We follow the blueprint as we work with you to ensure nothing is missed and every aspect of the new site is given thoughtful consideration. Build your new WooCommerce store with us and you benefit from our experience and a results-proven process, it’s a no-brainer.

WooCommerce Support

The services listed on this page represent a linear list of services based on how you might start working with us. But, if they were placed in order of importance, support would be at the top. Support is the main reason that new clients choose Blaze Commerce, it’s also the reason they stay. Support covers every aspect of your sites day-to-day operation, including: how-to questions, adding new features and options, providing advice, delivering training and more. WooCommerce is our life and our deep understanding of the platform allows us to deliver a level of support that is second to none.