Writing an effective About Us page


So someone has made their way to your website. Great! They may have heard about you through someone else, saw your advertising somewhere, or simply found you through a search engine. Regardless of how they found you, you have one chance to make a good impression, and although the “About Us” page may not be the page people visit the most on your site, it’s often the place a person looks just before they pick up the phone and call you or place an order on your site, so a well written About Us page could make the difference in whether or not you succeed in gaining new business.

What are people looking for when they visit an About Us page? They are asking “why should I trust this site?” They’re looking for signs of credibility. They’re looking to see if the company is backed by real, approachable people with expertise in their field.

And remember, your About Us page gives a legitimate reason to talk about you and your business, so make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to highlight your strengths and achievements, and why someone should choose you over your competitors. Strange at may seem, business owners struggle with self promotion, so it can be helpful to ask you husbands or wives, partners, friends and the like for their opinion of you and your business – they can often be great inspiration, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how people view you and your business.

Three Tips for writing an About Us page

With this in mind, writing an About Us page isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here are three tips for what to include on your About Us page:

1. Company history:

A brief history of your company reassures readers that you have a solid track record, and are reputable and experienced.

Here are three easy ways to structure your company history: Write a story about how the company got started. Focus on the background of the founder, and what led them to launch the business. Or, present company milestones in a simple chronological time line.

2. Profiles of key staff:

Your customers like to get a feel for the people behind the website. That’s why you should introduce the key people on your team with a brief profile. If the profiles are too long to put on one page, give links to single-page profiles for each person. Include a picture if you can.

Rather than reciting a dull resume, focus each profile on how that staff member helps satisfy customers’ needs. A meaningful quote from the staff member can also help create a connection.

3. Your credentials:

Your about us page should include your qualifications, accomplishments and recognition. This is where you should include details of your qualifications, membership of peak industry bodies, awards you’ve received, and media mentions.

Selling Online?

Your about us page is particularly important if you’re selling products over the web. People need reassurance that you’re a reputable business before they’ll enter their credit card details. If you have a shop front be sure to mention this, and even better, include a picture of your business location.

Spelling and Proofing

Take the time to craft it well. Don’t forget to spell check and proofread, and have someone else read review it too if you can. Remember, it is a combination of your image, exposure, and awareness that will get new customers and sales.  An About Us page that builds relationships and confidence gives your company a professional image and competitive advantage.