5 Key SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Website

5 Key SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Website Do you want your WordPress website to be seen by as many people as possible? Here are 5 key SEO solutions to help drive traffic. Organic clicks to your WordPress website from search engines are a major source of traffic. But which SEO solutions should you be … Read more

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Blaze Commerce Formula for Online Stores that Sell

Hello, owner or manager of an online store. I’m guessing you’re reading this article because you’ve got an existing online store (maybe it’s your second or third version of the site), and you’re looking for a partner with deep experience with online stores that can help you maximise the potential of your online presence, enabling … Read more

11 SEO Tips for E-commerce Websites

Selling products or services online allows you to reach a wider audience compared to the traditional brick and mortar type of business. To be able to do that, you may need an attractive ecommerce website that is search engine friendly. That’s right, it is important to build a website with an SEO in mind. A … Read more

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Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Earlier this year Google updated their search algorithm to take into account if a website is mobile friendly or not. How has this update affected website rankings and their traffic? Here’s some examples of websites and how they rank for desktop and mobile searches: Domain Desktop Ranking Smartphone Ranking 5 11 7 16 3 … Read more