Blaze Commerce Admin UI Sneak Peek

The following is a quick demo of the Admin UI we’re working on for managing Headless WooCommece with Blaze Commerce. It’s a work in progress and changes daily, but it should give you a sense of the features and options included with Blaze Commerce when it’s released in the coming months. Take the Leap Are … Read more

Perfecting Product Discovery: The Power of Product List & Filtering in UX Design

The Power of Product List & Filtering in UX Design

Imagine a bustling ecommerce marketplace, teeming with customers. Their faces reflect a perfect mix of anticipation and satisfaction. Every one of them is effortlessly navigating through various product categories, filtering items based on their personal preferences, and swiftly finding what they’re looking for. This is an online marketplace optimized with efficient User Experience (UX) techniques. … Read more

WooCommerce Headless Case Study – Gourmet Basket Instant Pageloads

In the following video case study we take a look at why we took Gourmet Basket headless, what is WooCommerce headless, the benefits, and the outcomes. Watch the video:   Transcript: Hey, it’s Campbell from Blaze Commerce here. Today we’re taking a look at Gourmet Basket, a high-end luxury retailer of gift hampers. And before I … Read more

How Trucker’s Toy Store Boosted Revenue by 242% in ONE Month (And Four Tips to Help Boost Your Conversion, Too)

Are you focusing on mobile site quality and conversion? If not, you need to. Here’s an example of one of our clients who boosted their conversion rate, plus tips to help you to do the same. Mobile may just be the most important aspect of your WooCommerce site today. The stats bear this out. In … Read more

The Top 18 Usability Issues that Cost Online Stores Sales

eCommerce store owners know that user experience is everything. But a bad experience can drive customers away. Learn about the different areas that can affect your online store UX. Customers who buy from eCommerce websites want a pleasant experience. But aesthetics aren’t the only thing your customers look for. They want a good user experience … Read more

How Aqua Safe Future-Proofed their Online Store by Moving from Magento to WooCommerce

Is migration the right decision for you? Find out how one store moved platforms with incredible results. You can’t predict store growth, but as a business owner, you always hope for the best. When it does happen, though, many owners are not prepared to deal with it. That’s why many growing eCommerce stores are moving … Read more

7 Mistakes People Make When Moving to a New Ecommerce Platform

Setting up shop on a different platform? Discover some of the biggest mistakes that you should avoid. There are many reasons for switching ecommerce platforms. You might find a platform that offers a better UX, more design capabilities, or a host of new features you could use to grow your business. But moving to a … Read more