Powering the Future of Ecommerce with Headless WooCommerce

“First off, thank you for not telling me I need to switch to Shopify”, said Anne Marie.

That was her first comment when we started communicating with her about improving the UX of her WooCommerce store.

Anne Marie owns an online store selling candles and giftware internationally.

Her brand reflects the cool, relaxed beach-side lifestyle Australia is so well known for.

She’s worked damn hard to build her business. Much harder than she expected she’d have to when she got into it a year or so before the pandemic.

And she’s invested in WooCommerce over the years to grow and automate her business.

She’d rather stick a fork in her eye than start again on a new ecommerce platform.

So when we told her we could make her WooCommerce store perform up there with the best of them, she was thrilled, to say the least.

We love WooCommerce, as do the online store owners we’ve worked with over the last 14 years.

Hell, it powers over 20% of all online stores. It’s exceptionally flexible, backed by a vast and passionate development community.

But it comes with its drawbacks. The monolithic codebase of WordPress makes it challenging to scale, update safely, and rapidly innovate to meet the changing needs of online shoppers.

Those drawbacks have a genuine impact on WooCommerce store owners.

Product pages are slow to load.

Onsite search and filtering are sluggish.

And there’s the ceaseless competition from other players, big (huge) and small.

Shopper’s expectations are getting higher and higher.

Most of them shop on their mobile and expect instantly loading pages and a shopping experience so intuitive and easy that they don’t even have to think twice about finding the perfect product and purchasing it moments later.

If your product pages are slow to load, or worst still, not optimized for mobile, or add to cart and checkout are clunky, they’re out of there.

Gone forever to the competition, never to return.

Sure, re-platforming to another shopping platform might solve some of those issues, but it comes with tremendous costs and risk – a lot of work for something that’s often less flexible than WooCommerce.

The other option is taking WooCommerce headless.

Over the last few years, headless ecommerce stores have doubled yearly. It’s gaining momentum, and in another few years, it’ll be the dominant method for deploying ecommerce stores, large and small.

Headless is the future of ecommerce.

What are the options for taking WooCommerce headless?

There are hundreds of tutorials out there. They all promise a headless WooCommere store with a few React commands.

But you need one or two experienced React developers.

And a graphic designer.

And a WordPress/WooCommerce expert or three.

Kaching. Freakin expensive, complex and time-consuming.

We know – we’ve been through this.

Which brings us to what sets Blaze Commerce apart.

We’re the proverbial ‘David’ in the fight against the ‘Goliath’ that is bloated, overpriced, underfeatured ecommerce platforms, Everything Stores, and costly development.

We’re the underdog on your side and redefining the ecommerce game.

We aren’t just another service.

We’re your toolkit, your community, and your fast track to Headless WooCommerce, that is truly exceptional.

For WooCommerce Store Owners, leverage a powerful engine built on Next.js, React, and more. Enjoy a customizable store that’s as nimble as a cat and as robust as a bear.

And if you’re a developer or an agency, Blaze Commerce offers the adaptability that speaks your language, cutting down the dev time like a hot knife through butter.

Blaze Commerce is built on four pillars:

1. Technology: Blaze Commerce is built with a robust technology stack, including Next.js, React, Tailwind CSS, Typesense and GraphQL. This equips your store with high-tech armour, boosting SEO, enhancing page load speed, and providing a flexible approach to data requests.

2. Ecommerce UX: Backed by Baymard Institute’s extensive ecommerce usability research (over 110,000 hours), the gold standard in the industry, Blaze Commerce ensures your store is designed for the end-user, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting conversion rates.

3. Functionality: The Blaze Commerce admin portal provides complete control over your site, allowing you to tailor your store to your brand and audience. It includes instant search and filtering and supports popular apps like Google Tag Manager, Advanced Custom Fields and more.

4. Performance: Statically generated sites with automatic HTTPS and CDN, cached pages, image optimization, SEO support… and more. It’s all about driving the ultimate performance of your WooCommerce store.

But it’s not just about us; it’s about all of us.

Blaze Commerce is being built with you and for you.

We aim to shape the future of what Exceptional Commerce should be.

The revolution begins soon.

We’re working to deliver six WooCommerce stores on Blaze Commerce, and then we open it up for ‘early access’ to developers, agencies and store owners.

Click here to sign up for early access and be among the first to experience eCommerce as it should be – exceptional.