eParcel for WooCommerce update – create consignments and labels in seconds


This quick update covers a few new features we’ve added to linksync eParcel for WooCommerce in recent weeks.

Our eParcel solution reduces the time it takes to ship orders with eParcel by 75% on average for our users, and the follow features save even more time.

We’re on the eParcel Consignment view where we can see all orders ready to be shipped with eParcel. We can quickly see which orders have address validation issues, the shipping type, whether labels have been printed, and if they’re on the next manifest to be despatched.

With our latest release you can now use the weight from the products on the order to set the consignment weight. With this feature enabled the weight field is populated for your automatically.

We select the appropriate package size from your package presets based on the order weight, so if for example you used a satchel for orders under a certain weight, and you used different boxes for larger orders, the appropriate package option will be preselected automatically based on the order weight.

And if you’re on a cubed rate contract with Australia Post, where package dimensions aren’t required on your manifests, you have the option now to simply use weight when creating a consignment.

If you don’t have weights against your product in WooCommerce, that’s ok, you can still continue to input the weight for an order manually, but if you do have weights, then bulk creating your consignments can be done in moments using the order weight, then bulk generate your labels, and your done.

Contact us today if you have any questions, or get started with free trial of linksync eParcel for WooCommerce now.