Hello, Blaze Commerce


Two become new: Faststores and linksync are now Blaze Commerce.

Like most rebrandings, it usually means far more to the company rebranding than to its customers and partners, and I’m sure this is no exception, but for the two people who read this article (Hi Mum), here’s why.

When we started out back in 2009 we created online stores for businesses that wanted to sell online and we’ve helped hundreds of customers do that.

Along the way it became apparent that many of our customers would also benefit from services that helped automate and streamline the process of managing their WooCommerce online store. We created linksync to fulfil that need. That business is helping thousands of clients, saving them time and money.

Earlier this year, we embarked on a strategic planning process based on Scaling Up. It led us to think hard about who our customer is, and what we want to do for them, ie. what is our Purpose. After much toing and froing the answer became clear: we wanted to help our customers burn brightly and fiercely, maximising their full potential online — to ensure they Blaze Commerce.

Once our purpose became clear, and we worked through the rest of our strategic planning, it also became apparent that we had two business with different branding and resources providing related service to customers — and that there was a lot of waste and lost opportunity as result, so we set about looking for a new brand to align the business around as we prepared for growth.

As we started to explore different names we realised that our purpose was also well suited as our brand moving forward. Bonus!

Blaze Commerce it is.

And a quick word about our new logo.

When we saw early drafts of the new logo, it was initially put at the bottom of our list of options. After sharing it with a range of people, both familiar with our business and not, some in marketing, and otherwise, the observations about the abstract representation of the ‘flame’ and its progressive colouring was an excellent representation of our commitment to continuous improvement and the circular nature of our relationship with our customers — where we work with them through stages of support and improvement, taking them to new levels then repeating the process again.

The same values that were built into Faststores and linksync still live in Blaze Commerce. Our services will continue to evolve with new features and capabilities, but will always be rooted in being candid and transparent, doing meaningful work creating value for our clients, and constantly striving for excellence.

Lastly, we’d like to celebrate all of our customers, team, and partners for bringing us to where we are today.

This is just the beginning of our commitment to helping our customers Blaze Commerce. With our new name, we’re beyond excited to keep the journey going.

From everyone at Blaze Commerce.