linksync eParcel for Magento supports M2E Pro



We’ve got some cool new features that we’ve added to our linksync eParcel for Magento solution this week.

With linksync we enable you to do everything you do through the Australia Post eParcel portal – create consignments against orders, print labels, despatch manifests – all from within your Magento store. No importing or exporting of CSV files. No having to work in different systems.

We now have clients across Australia shipping thousands or orders every day using linksync eParcel for Magento, and we’ve also had some excellent feedback and suggestions from those users, so we’ve been busy here at linksync HQ working on implementing many of them.

We’ve simplified the process of creating consignments for new orders. Now it’s a one-click process.

Just go to the eParcel tab on your order view, and hit create consignment, annnnd you’re done. Just print your labels and move onto the next order.

Notice we we now have article presets? Use the Article Prestets menu option to set as many presets as you need for the various sized packages and satchels you use to ship orders.

And if you have an order with a package size that’s unique, you just chose the custom option and enter the details.

We also have the consignment defaults hidden away, but clicking on the Edit Consignment Defaults link reveals them for quick editing.

For those of you that ship the same types of package for most orders, we’re working on a new feature to enable you to create consignments against orders in bulk. More on that in an upcoming release.

Now when you despatch a manifest, the status of all orders for that manifest can be updated. So if you want all orders to be marked as ‘Complete’ you can set that in the configuration, or you can choose from any of your order statuses.

Support for M2E Pro

The most popular request we had from customers was support for M2E Pro – for those of you that aren’t familiar with M2E Pro, it’s an addon to Magento that makes it easy to list product and manage orders on eBay and Amazon, all from within your Magento store.

So now orders coming into your store through M2E pro are treated just like orders created by your customers through your website checkout.

M2E pro orders now show in the consignment view, just like other eParcel orders.

When we viewing the order, the delivery address is automatically validated by our module, and you can go ahead and create an eParcel consignment.

In fact, when we implemented this change for M2E Pro,  we also made linksync eParcel for Magento work with any of your existing shipping methods – you don’t have to use our table rates if you prefer to keep using your existing shipping methods,

Note that with this new feature you can use either eParcel standard shipping OR express post – for now you can’t mix. For most of you, that won’t be an issue, but we’ll have a release soon that supports mixed shipping options.

Click here for more information and a full demonstration of linksync eParcel for Magento.