OptiMonk: What is exit-intent and how can it improve your conversions?


While building online stores for our clients with the increasingly popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, one of the major concerns that we see all of our clients face is achieving higher conversion rates. Several factors play an important role to convert online visitors into long-term subscribers or customers. While you prepare attractive deals and hone your content presentation, we develop your sites utilising the best WordPress plugins available to ensure that your target audience responds positively to your products and services. One of the tools we’ve recently come across and have started implementing with our clients to optimise conversion rate is the OptiMonk.

What is OptiMonk and what does it do?

OptiMonk is based on exit-intent technology that tracks visitors’ behaviour and pinpoints the exact moment when visitors are about to leave the site. Immediately, OptiMonk displays a small pop-up window to present an attractive offer to the customers to encourage them to stay. Basically put, it will give you another chance to provide enough incentives to your customer and win their trust!

OptiMonk comes with some advanced features which make this plugin highly versatile:

  • This plugin allows users to adjust the timing of the pop-up message. Either you can create an exit-intent message, or choose to display the message on entry, on scroll or after some seconds since the potential client visits your website. You will have complete control on how and when your content is displayed.
  • OptiMonk provides this amazing opportunity to users to try A/B testing. You can run A/B tests on different templates and content and increase the rate of conversion.
  • You can use OptiMonk to run Real-Time Analytics which will help you to understand which pop-ups and pages rank high while yielding positive results.
  • All your customers aren’t the same. So why treat them as such? With OptiMonk, you can set up unique messages for different segments of the target audience.
  • You can create multiple pop-ups for different pages, and this plugin can be integrated easily with InfusionSoft, GetResponse, iContact and Mailchimp.

How can OptiMonk be installed in your WordPress site?

Step 1. This plugin is available here, and you can click on the “Download Version” to download the main file into your local PC/Mac.

Step 2. Install the plugin by uploading the files to your server or by using the WordPress.org plugin directory.

Step 3. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu on WordPress and then activate the OptiMonk plugin.

Step 4. Create a free OptiMonk account by visiting their site, and then create your campaign.

Finally, you are all set!

How does OptiMonk stop visitors from leaving before completing checkout?

Let’s say that you have a store selling attractive items. If you are displaying the delivery charges just before checkout, a lot of visitors may end up abandoning their cart because they do not want to spend so much money on delivery. At that moment, before they close the page, OptiMonk will trigger an exit intent and display a pop up message. You can customise the content on the pop-up message to lower delivery fees if they buy products of a certain amount. This will give you a better chance to change their minds. Because OptiMonk allows users to create any type of pop-up messages, you can create different offers for customers with different needs.

Get a free trial!

OptiMonk available for a free trial for 14 days. You do not have to offer your credit card details, and you can enjoy the benefits of their technology completely risk-free! We are pretty sure that you will be amazed by the results and realise that this service is definitely worth the money.

If you have queries or need our assistance, we are here to help you with OptiMonk, WordPress, WooCommerce and digital marketing.

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