The Firestarter: Ignite Your Commerce Success

Blaze Commerce Admin UI Sneak Peek

The following is a quick demo of the Admin UI we’re working on for managing Headless WooCommece with Blaze Commerce. It’s a work in progress and changes daily, but it should give you a sense of the features and options included with Blaze Commerce when it’s released in the coming months. Related posts: Why Product … Read more

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The Power of Product List & Filtering in UX Design

Perfecting Product Discovery: The Power of Product List & Filtering in UX Design

Imagine a bustling ecommerce marketplace, teeming with customers. Their faces reflect a perfect mix of anticipation and satisfaction. Every one of them is effortlessly navigating through various product categories, filtering items based on their personal preferences, and swiftly finding what they’re looking for. This is an online marketplace optimized with efficient User Experience (UX) techniques. … Read more

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Revamping Checkout Usability: Boost Your E-commerce Store’s Conversion Rates

Picture the marketplace of your dreams: customers enthusiastically filling their carts, each click echoing their anticipation of owning new, unique treasures. Yet, when they reach the checkout, the process becomes a labyrinth of confusion, leading to abandoned carts and a shift of loyal customers to your competitors. This is the common reality of e-commerce usability. … Read more

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Unlocking E-commerce Success: A Deep Dive into Product Page UX

Welcome to another entry in our series about ecommerce usability and boosting the performance of your WooCommerce online store. Improving your online store UX can be a monumental strategic advantage, an investment that yields tremendous dividends in all times, good or bad. We’ve also explored how themes such as On-site Search, Homepage & Navigation, and … Read more

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Turn Shoppers into Buyers: Unleashing the Power of Homepage & Navigation UX for High Conversion Rates

Boost your E-Commerce Navigation UX with tips on menu design, reducing overcategorization, and balancing promotions for a seamless shopping experience.

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WooCommerce Headless Case Study – Gourmet Basket Instant Pageloads

In this video case study, we’re diving deep into the remarkable transformation of Gourmet Basket, a luxury gift hamper retailer. Gourmet Basket’s journey from a sluggish WooCommerce store to an instant pageload powerhouse is a testament to the revolutionary impact of Blaze Commerce. Watch the video:   Transcript: Hey, it’s Campbell from Blaze Commerce here. Today … Read more

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