What is SEO?


If someone searches for the products and services your business sells and your website is found on the first 3 pages of any of the major search engines, then you are sure to get a consistent and high number of relevant visitors to your website.

Search engine optimisation is all about ensuring your website is properly structured behind the scenes, set up for easy navigation, full of compelling properly tagged content, enabling it to become an often referenced site on other people’s websites around the globe.

If your website is set up well, looks good and is likely to convert these visitors to customers, then SEO is probably the most cost effective and sustainable way you can generate additional revenue for your traditional or online only business. Check out our SEO audit service to see how your website is doing.

Make no mistake, optimising a website for search engines is absolutely one of the most critical online decisions your business can make. It will pay for itself over and over and over again. It will generate more sales, more often to people who previously did not know your business existed.

It will help you out perform your competitors and will provide one of the most measurable means of getting sales. Despite what you might have been told (or not been told as is normally the case) SEO is not a secret society of computer and internet geeks performing secret tricks. Nor should it be a long term way for you to make money disappear into the pockets of SEO firms month after month.

The way Blaze Commerce see it, Search engine optimisation is:

  • Tweaking your website to the the way all websites should actually be built
  • Following industry standards ensuring that search engines can read it well and often
  • Publishing lots of relevant content in the right way with the right captions and tags
  • Making sure the content actually helps, guides or informs people
  • Making sure the content is as up to date as possible
  • Having a visual design that truly breathes trust and brand
  • Providing tools to visitors enabling them to share your website with others
  • Making sure that all of the above provides so much joy that hundreds of relevant sites want to link to yours

The most amazing underlying fact, is that SEO is actually doing what you should or could be doing but don’t have the complete knowledge or you are too busy running your business.

Good Search Engine Optimisation will generate more sales

Sitting here as search engine optimisation specialists, it’s easy for us to say how a good SEO program will actually lead to more sales from new customers. It’s what you would expect to hear. No doubt. The thing is though, it’s true.

We have seen some fantastic (almost unbelievable) results for businesses that have rolled out search engine optimisation on their website/s. Some of these unbelievable results have been achieved by us and in a few cases, we have also seen amazing results from other companies too.

See, we like to support the whole concept of SEO no matter who you choose to help you achieve your online goals. We set up all goals so they are measurable. We send you easy to understand reports to show you the results on the site and we help you set up measurement to determine how the increased visitors are actually helping you achieve higher revenue.

Are you ready for SEO? Check out our Jump SEO Plans and see what suits your budget.