Zero Downtime: The Foolproof Way to Update Your WooCommerce

Zero Downtime: The Foolproof Way to Update Your WooCommerce


It’s taken our team of WooCommerce specialists 10 years to perfect a foolproof system for updating a WooCommerce site. What do we mean by “foolproof”? We mean that if you follow these step-by-step instructions, you can update your store with zero risk of downtime and lost sales.
This is not a theoretical claim. We’ve applied the system to tens of thousands of updates across hundreds of sites. But until today the system has been available only to our clients.
Now, we’re giving it away (for the moment).
Because we know it’s not all pina coladas and passive income for online store owners. We know how hard you work and what you’ll lose if your store goes down. So if we can help, we will.
That’s why we’ve laid out our whole system in this free (currently) guide.

What you’ll learn from Blaze Commerce’s free WooCommerce update guide

1. How to know if you’re one of the store owners playing Russian Roulette every time they update their stores (except with 3x worse odds).

2. The single step that reduces your odds of downtime by 50%.

3. Exactly how often you should check your site for the 12,000 documented WordPress and WooCommerce vulnerabilities.

4. The three essentials for every site backup plus a complete list of the tools we use to make it easy to take faultless backups.

5. How to update a live store without ever losing a single sale.

6. The thing even hardcore WooCommerce fanatics admit they don’t like about WooCommerce (and how they get around it).

7. A simple thing to do before updating your plugins that will slash the time it takes to fix problems.

8. 5 known conflicts you should always look for before you update your site.

9. The update so many store owners forget to make (even though doing so guarantees serious problems).
The avoidable mistake that can wipe out all customer communications.

10. The security error you might not even notice (but your customers and Google will).

11. The incredibly low-tech check you can do that will save you from getting embarrassing customer emails.

12. 4 priceless tips you’ll definitely want to have to hand if you find yourself in trouble during the update process.

13. The best time of day to update your site. (It’s not when you think.)


Blaze Commerce have been integral to Pioneer taking its online presence to a new level, and we look forward to involving them in our online strategy meetings and integrating them further into our business.


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