Four Reasons You Need to Move to a New eCommerce Platform


Is your eCommerce platform holding you back? Switching to WooCommerce hosting may be the answer to your woes.

With so many choices available, finding the right ecommerce platform is tough. It doesn’t help that the decision must be made early in a business venture. With all the paperwork, finances, and planning, there’s very little time to do enough research on platforms.

An entrepreneur will naturally feel wary of too many product choices. Even if you narrow down the options, dozens might still seem right.

Business owners often don’t realize they’ve made the wrong choice until it’s too late. By then, moving to a new platform has become more challenging.

It might seem easy to pick the most visible platform, but this is a mistake. Many businesses miss out by failing to account for all the changes that come with growth. Scaling is only one of the many challenges you’ll face along the way.

It all comes down to proper planning. Switching to WooCommerce hosting can be painless, but it takes a lot of planning. That’s where an experienced WooCommerce development team can help.

There are so many variables to consider that sometimes even eCommerce veterans choose the wrong platform.

Why Do so Many eCommerce Entrepreneurs Choose the Wrong Platform?

Picking the wrong eCommerce platform can be an expensive mistake. Yet it’s one we see happening again and again.

Big platforms advertise aggressively. This leads some business owners to confuse exposure with features and quality.

The opposite is also a risk, picking a platform with few followers and even fewer developers. This happened to David Sasson, president of OverstockArt.

David picked Luminate when he first opened his store, but soon ran into trouble.

The platform didn’t have all the functions he needed. To make matters worse, very few developers were working with it.

He tried building custom tools but was never able to get the right team together. Some tools they just couldn’t make.

In time, he decided a change was necessary. OverstockArt switched to an open-source alternative and got the flexibility they needed. The newfound community of developers helped them reach all their goals. 

David’s story teaches several things. First, don’t be afraid of open source platforms such as WooCommerce. It’s often easier to find the right team on an open-source platform.

Second, make sure to plan well. It’s hard to anticipate exactly how a store will change over time. But it’s critical to predict future needs as much as possible. The features you need now may change drastically tomorrow.

Blaze Commerce can help you assemble the right WooCommerce developer team to avoid such issues. WooCommerce is one of the most customizable platforms out there. When you’re ready to switch, we will be there every step of the way.

The Four Reasons for Platform Migration

Every online store is different, and meeting your specific needs is a top priority.

The right blend of features and functions can have a big impact. Even the smallest prompt or visual choice can make or break a conversion. WooCommerce extensions give you room to experiment with sales strategies specific to your niche.

By choosing WooCommerce hosting, you ensure that full control of your store remains with you.

Reason #1 – Your Store, Your Rules

The basic foundation of a store is selling products. Your eCommerce platform should help you do that. However, it’s not always that easy.

Many platforms restrict the products they allow without making it clear what those are. Private companies, such as Shopify and Magento, control who uses their platform. That means they can decide what their users can and can’t sell.

For vaping supplier Premium Vape, this was a rude awakening.

An entire category of products disappeared from their store seemingly overnight. The problem turned out to be a copyright claim. They tried to fight the claim, but that turned out to be very difficult.

You see, copyright claims on Shopify are simple to make but difficult to challenge. The process is unclear and can take a long time. This jeopardized a large part of Premium Vape’s sales.

The whole experience made them realize they didn’t have the control they needed over their store. They decided to make a change.

Working with our WooCommerce developers, they were able to easily migrate to WooCommerce. The copyright problem was gone and they were back to work in no time. 

With the right WooCommerce developer at your side, you’ll never have issues like this. WooCommerce is an open-source platform, so there’s never a risk of losing products to platform policies.

Reason #2 – WooCommerce Development is in Your Hands

A platform should adapt to your store, not the other way around. Closed platforms like Shopify limit you to their features and options. WooCommerce developers have access to thousands of extensions. And it’s an open-source platform, so you can customize anything and everything on your store.

It’s easy to end up paying for options you don’t need and needing options you don’t get.

This was crucial for Brown Brothers Vineyard when they decided to open their online store. WooCommerce catered to their specific needs without compromising their brand.

Brown Brothers weren’t just out to sell wine. Their online presence needed to live up to their reputation. They worked with a team that specializes in WooCommerce development to create their store.

The challenge was the very specific ordering parameters. They needed to accommodate minimum order quantities along with restricted items. All without making it hard to navigate the store.

The WooCommerce development team used many different extensions to create a seamless experience. And the WordPress compatibility allowed them to apply the same design template to all the Brown Brothers brands. 

This made it easy to create a cohesive shopping experience across all their brands. 

Had they used a different platform, a lot of that wouldn’t have been possible. The beauty of WooCommerce is how well it can adapt to the needs of every store.

Reason #3 – As Much or as Little as You Need

It’s often hard to find an eCommerce platform with the right plan for you. Platforms such as Magento have great functionality but may cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

When starting a store, it’s important to look ahead. If you think small, you’re likely to stay small. If you pick a platform that can’t scale with you, it will be a huge roadblock to growth.

SEO titan had a very clear vision of what they wanted and how to get there.

Yoast started as a simple WordPress plugin but grew quickly. The popularity of the plugin and SEO blog exploded. Soon, their initial eCommerce solution couldn’t keep up. There was no doubt they would stay with WordPress, given their history with the platform. 

So which eCommerce platform did the foremost SEO experts decide to go with? WooCommerce, of course. They were clear about what they needed. 

They needed a future-proof platform, so they worked with WooCommerce developers. Their main concerns were applying great SEO to their platform and handling multiple currencies. WooCommerce had the right plugins and customization to make that happen. 

By the time their new store launched, they were able to achieve all their goals. They’re currently working on even more functionalities. And WooCommerce is making it happen. 

WooCommerce support is just as good for 10 products as it is for 10,000. Plus, WooCommerce developers are always making updates, keeping the platform fresh and functional.

Reason #4 – WooCommerce Hosting Is in Your Hands

A fully hosted solution may sound like it solves a lot of problems. The truth is, it’s more limiting than it seems.

When you choose a platform with its own hosting, you miss out on a lot of things. The hosting is likely to end up being more expensive than other options available. Since WooCommerce hosting is completely open, you can use whichever hosting service you wish.

With many fully-hosted platforms, more traffic means more fees. As you grow, you’ll see an increase in the price you pay for your platform. WooCommerce hosting lets you choose your payment method. Stripe and PayPal are bundled in WooCommerce and will embed right into your checkout screen.

Every platform you choose will have some customization. But hosted platforms will be much more restrictive and limiting.

With WooCommerce support, you can host wherever you want and make your store just right.

Make the Switch Today and Start Building Your Future

Don’t let someone else’s ideas hold you down.

Sell the products you choose in a store you love. Your eCommerce platform should make that easier, not harder. If you’re stuck with a platform that doesn’t give you the tools you need, it’s time to make a switch.

An online store does more than just listing products for sale. WooCommerce can effectively manage all your data and SEO, and Blaze Commerce can make it happen. We’re WooCommerce experts. It’s what we do and we do it well.

The right team makes all the difference.