How Trucker’s Toy Store Boosted Revenue by 242% in ONE Month (And Four Tips to Help Boost Your Conversion, Too)


Are you focusing on mobile site quality and conversion? If not, you need to. Here’s an example of one of our clients who boosted their conversion rate, plus tips to help you to do the same.

Mobile may just be the most important aspect of your WooCommerce site today.

The stats bear this out. In the United States, mobile devices account for 51% of the time that people spend online. And 63% of the traffic that websites get now comes from mobiles.

Simply put, you’re missing out if you’re not focusing on mobile WooCommerce development. A poor mobile UX puts potential clients off and leads to you losing out on business.

Despite this, we see many business owners who don’t focus on mobile conversion. Instead, they focus solely on desktop, perhaps under the assumption that their market doesn’t use mobile.

The stats above show that isn’t the case. And in our capacity as a WooCommerce developer, we’ve helped several clients boost their mobile conversions.

Trucker’s Toy Store is one of them. Let’s look at how we helped them before examining some tips to help you do the same.

Trucker’s Toy Store – Over 22% More Conversions in One Month

Based in Australia, Trucker’s Toy Store is a major manufacturer of truck accessories. They specialize in working with gold and chrome plating, and stainless steel. And for over 15 years, they’ve provided parts for some of the biggest truck brands in the world.

A quick visit to their desktop website shows that they’ve created a perfect playground for truckers. They can find almost anything they need for both the interior and exterior of their trucks with the company.

They have a deep passion for trucking.

But they came to us with a challenge relating to their mobile website…

The Challenges

Trucker’s Toy Store already had a full-time marketing person when they approached us. The problem was that they weren’t especially focused on e-commerce. They had no WooCommerce development experience, which means that they couldn’t provide WooCommerce support.

Simply put, They weren’t doing the company’s website justice.

At the time, 72% of Trucker’s Toy Store’s traffic came from mobile devices. That’s a huge percentage for an online store and it gave us a little hope for their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, a visit to their site on a mobile device revealed that they hadn’t optimized towards that traffic. The header and logo took up a lot of real estate on every page that we visited. That meant a lot of scrolling before we could get to any useful content.

The site offered a poor mobile e-commerce UX. That meant they couldn’t take advantage of the thousands of people who visited their sites using mobile devices each month.

Conversion rates weren’t where the company needed them to be. We could see why too, as browsing their site on mobile was a frustrating experience.

They needed help that only an experienced WooCommerce developer skilled in mobile UX could provide.

The Solutions

Our first port of call was to review our UX research. This is an invaluable resource for any WooCommerce developer. Over 67,000 hours of ecommerce UX research shows what works and what doesn’t.

We used it to help us figure out the priority usability issues for the client’s website.

Then, we got to work on implementing some solutions for the company.

We completed a full redesign of their mobile website. Mobile was the first priority, with tablets coming second and desktop third. Our goal was to make the mobile UX as friendly as possible.

Finally, the company had a mobile site that allowed them to take advantage of its huge volume of mobile traffic.

And the results came fast.

Their mobile conversion rate skyrocketed by 116.25% within the first 30 days of going live with the new site.

That translated to a massive increase in transactions on the site. Ultimately, Trucker’s Toy Store boosted its revenue by 242.01% in that first month.

In the time since, we’ve continued working with the company to tweak and refine their website. Our WooCommerce support has led to Trucker’s Toy’s numbers enjoying a sustained increase since we started working with them.

The Tips

Trucker’s Toy Store’s success story shows just how invaluable a great mobile e-commerce UX is. Their site redesign led to massive boosts in conversions, transactions, and revenue.

Now, you need to know how to do the same.

We’ve compiled a short list of tips that can get you started.

Tip #1 – Use Research to Guide your UX

It could take an eternity to research all of the important information you need to know about the mobile UX.

The catalog of research that Blaze Commerce offers allows you to shortcut that process. Instead of spending hours searching the web, you get a ton of valuable data in a central location.

Blaze Commerce also offers a full website analysis service. This is a useful tool for any WooCommerce developer as it allows them to pinpoint major challenges quickly.

It’s the first port of call for anyone who’s getting a lot of traffic but no conversions. With Blaze Commerce’s research, you can figure out the big challenges that you need to confront.

Want to know the most common user experience violations we find when reviewing and auditing online stores? See The Top 18 Usability Issues that Cost Online Stores Sales.

Tip #2 – Boost Your Mobile Site Speed

Did you know that 40% of people will abandon your website if it takes over three seconds to load?

That’s a huge percentage of potential leads that you’re missing out on. If your website attracts 5,000 people in one month, 2,000 of them bounce away before ever seeing your content.

Simply put, a focus on speed pays when it comes to mobile conversion rates.

There are several things that you can do to figure out where your site stands and how to improve it:

  • Paste your URL into Google’s mobile speed checker tool to see what your current speed is.
  • Use a mobile-optimized theme that focuses specifically on mobile UX.
  • Optimize your images. The larger your image file sizes, the longer they take to load.

The main goal is to improve your render start time (RST) by as much as possible. This is the amount of time that it takes for your first piece of content to appear on the screen.

A good WooCommerce Developer, such as ourselves, can help in that department.

Tip #3 – Make it Easy to Buy

Let’s focus on the mobile e-commerce UX experience for a moment.

A visitor lands on one of your product pages and decides to buy the item. That’s a great start. They love the content and they’re about to click the Add to Cart button…

Except they can’t find it. Usually, that’s because it’s buried right at the bottom of the page or somewhere near the top. The user has to scroll to try and find it, which adds time to their action. That time leads to frustration and could result in the visitor changing their mind.

The point is that you have to make it as easy as possible to buy from your mobile site.

There are several ways to do this. Our favorite is to create a sticky Add to Cart button. This means that the button stays on the screen no matter where the visitor scrolls. And once they decide, it’s right there for them to click.

Tip #4 – Nail the Site Design

This is where Trucker’s Toy Store struggled most. Their website didn’t display well on mobile devices at all. As a result, thousands of visitors took one look and decided to go elsewhere.

Mobile users demand the same level of professionalism from your mobile website as they do your desktop one.

If your first impression doesn’t match their expectations, you need to overhaul your mobile UX.

Here’s an interesting statistic. According to Google, people take less than one second to determine if they like your website’s appearance.

That means your website design has to showcase what you offer and the needs you fulfill from the onset. That’s not what Trucker’s Toy Store’s mobile site did. Visitors landed on the home page and just saw a huge logo that they had to scroll past.

That’s not going to inspire anybody into a purchase.

A full website redesign may seem like a huge commitment. You will have to invest in the work, especially when using a good WooCommerce developer.

But it pays off. Our client’s remarkable revenue increases in their first month show that.

Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rate Today

We’ve covered a few useful tips for you here. It bears repeating that Blaze Commerce offers lots of quality research for you to dig your teeth into. You’ll learn more about the importance of the user experience and how it affects mobile conversion rates.

Make it easy to buy is a little tweak that can make a big difference. So too can optimizing your existing website so that it loads faster.

But you may need a full site redesign to maximise your mobile traffic. That’s where we come in.

Call us on 1300 155 435 or contact us via our website to talk to a specialist who can help you boost your mobile site conversions.

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